by Cohen Mejan

incr 08:17
a88 08:06
b25 11:37
demindful 13:16


This album, "oneundthusaym", takes an entirely different approach to creating music from everything else I've created up to this point. These tracks were almost entirely created generatively through code in Max MSP, with mathematical algorithms producing everything from the sounds, to many of the melodies, to the rhythms. I've learned through this process that generative music isn't easier to make at all compared to improvised and composed music. There's so much that I had to be specific about in order for my ideas to come across the way that I wanted them to through code. At the end of the day, it's still all fully my ideas, and I had to be very specific about what I wanted.

The code was set up in such a way that it was still controlled live by me, so there is an element of human improvisation to it all still. A lot of this was directing the code on what I wanted it to do next, how I wanted it to sound in a moment, how I wanted it to feel. Some layers are performed by me entirely while all of that goes on in the background. To me, this all almost felt like collaborative improvisations between me and my computer, almost like a jazz band. If I were to record these tracks again, they would almost certainly end up coming out extremely different from what's on the album now.


released October 2, 2021


all rights reserved



Cohen Mejan North Carolina

I'm Cohen Mejan, a North Carolina based pianist, electronic artist, composer, and producer. My music is bound by nothing, often finding itself in an abstract darkness. I'm continuously exploring new ideas, textures, and soundscapes, from intimate piano improvisations in the vein of Nils Frahm, to spastic mind boggling electronic works inspired by Autechre. ... more

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